About Us

Why choose us ?

Outsourcing your business’s bookkeeping operations frees up valuable time that can be put into bettering your company.  Day-to-day operations take up enough time and having your bookkeeping in-house can lead to a conflict of interests.

Simply, when it comes down to it, outsourcing your bookkeeping saves you money. Money you would spend on paying full-time or part-time wages and benefits to an employee.  Furthermore, you know also have costs that come along with hiring employees onto the payroll.  By outsourcing your bookkeeping, we make sure, you only pay for what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Outsourcing gives you a great way to have full-time experience and knowledge on your team without having to pay full-time money.  By letting us take your books, you know your companies financials are in the hands of a highly skilled members who understand the best practices and know how to best account for your business. Your job becomes a whole lot easier and effective.

When you outsource your bookkeeping, you’re placing your financial records in the hands of a staff that thrives on teamwork. We have 3 CPA’s with over 30 years of combined experience. One bookkeeper is often not enough to find every small detail of advantages your business can take.  But when you outsource, we have a team checking and double checking each other’s work, helping to ensure that you receive the best services possible.  This also helps keep a separation of duties.  When you have your different sections running smoothly, they form together to produce a better and more cohesive unit.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping operations gives you more access to the top tools in the industry.  Most businesses can’t afford to pay for the extremely expensive bookkeeping programs nor can they afford to spend the time keeping up with changing laws and regulations.  By outsourcing, you’re essentially purchasing those tools and that knowledge by proxy, but it gets better—you don’t have to actually do any of the work!  Plus, the software we use creates nightly backups and keeps organized records and books for years, ensuring that if the IRS ever does come knocking for an audit, you’ll be more than prepared for them.